Iceland is one of the most incredible countries in the world. This small island off the northern coast of Europe is called the “Land of Fire and Ice.” It got this name because of the presence of volcanoes and glaciers that cover the entire country. Much of the country is either lava fields from ancient eruptions or still covered by glaciers. In fact, the largest glacier in Europe resides in the heart of Iceland. There is so much to see and do in this extraordinary country. I have created the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country.

Day 1:

Day one revolves around arriving in the country itself. In order to explore Iceland to its fullest, you will need to rent a car to get around the country. While there are plenty of bus tours that will take you to the main tourist locations from Reykjavik, you will miss out on so much of the country.

If you haven’t heard lately, Iceland had a recent eruption of the Fagradsfall volcano. In fact, it is still erupting today! There is absolutely nothing like seeing a volcano erupt and lava flow out. On day one of your two week Iceland itinerary, you start out by going straight to the volcano to see the eruption. This often requires a bit of hiking though so bring your hiking poles!

You will end this day doing a couple hour drive to Kerid Crater where you will view this awesome, multi-colored crater and then spend the night.

fagradasfall volcano two week iceland itinerary
How could you not want to witness this in person

Day 2:

  • Seljalandsfoss and Gljúfrafoss
  • Skogafoss
  • Vik
  • Horseback Riding on the beach
  • Gorgeous black sand beaches and craggy rocks of Vik and Dyrhólaey. (Reynisdrangar)

Day two is full of amazing waterfalls that will simply blow you away. However, it also includes the most tourists that you will see on the entire trip. The trade off is worth it, but it is important to note that you may have to wait in a line to get the shots that you want. On plus side, most of these locations have public bathrooms which can be a rarity on the Ring Road.

Day two is broken up into two parts: amazing waterfalls and black sand beaches. In the morning you will view Seljalandsfoss and Gljufrafoss (right next to each other) and then head to the famous Skogafoss. After, you will head to the town of Vik where there are incredible black sand beaches. I HIGHLY recommend booking a horseback riding tour here. Eric and I did it, and it was one of the highlights of our trip.

Horseback riding on the black sand beaches around Vik

Day 3

  • Fjadrargljufur Canyon
  • Fagrifoss waterfall
  • Svartifoss waterfall

Day three of your trip involves waking up to the beautiful black sand beaches of Vik before heading off to explore canyons and view more incredible waterfalls. Today you will head to Fjadrargljufur Canyon. This canyon, while almost impossible to pronounce, is absolutely stunning. It is only a half mile walk at the top of the canyon, but the views are simply amazing.

After seeing the canyon, you will continue to an INSANELY off-the-beaten-path waterfall called Fagrifoss. This waterfall requires 4×4 to get to and involves crossing a river in your car. It is an adventure in an off itself just to get to. However, it is completely worth it. Trust me.

Finally you will drive to Svartifoss and Vatnajökull National Park where you will do an evening hike to the waterfall that flows out over basalt columns. You will spend the night in this National Park where there is a lovely campground and great facilities.

Fjadrargljufur Canyon
Here is the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country.
Svaritfoss Waterfall

Day 4

  • Múlagljúfur Canyon
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • Kayak the glacier lagoon
  • Diamond Beach

Day 4 of your two week Iceland Itinerary consists of an optional second canyon that is similar to Fjadrargljufur canyon, but requires more of hike. By day 4, we were pretty tired on our trip of constantly ‘going” so we took this day as more of a rest day. We enjoyed Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, kayaked around glaciers, and did photoshoots at Diamond Beach. Make sure to bring your own food though if you plan to stay for a day as there are no stores. There are food trucks that are open midday though!

Diamond Beach is called Diamond Beach because of how chunks of icebergs wash up on shore and look like glass. The black sand and the diamond-like ice are a stark contrast which makes for some amazing photo opportunities. Likewise, Jokulsarlon is called a glacier lagoon because the glacier literally is breaking off into the lagoon at all times. There are GIANT icebergs floating in the lake that crack, break, and change every single day. No day on the lagoon looks the same.


Jokulsaron glacier lagoon two week iceland itinerary

Day 5

  • Stokksnes, Vestrahorn
  • Hengifoss

Day five of your two week Iceland Itinerary includes a little bit more driving than the other days. After leaving Jokulsarlon, you will held to the Stokksnes Peninsula. There is a small port city here so it is a great place to stock up on groceries.

The Stokksnes Peninsula is actually its own privately owned park. Located in the park is the best views of the iconic Vestrahorn mountain. This mountain is a must for photographers visiting Iceland. If you arrive before the tide comes in, you can cross to the little island across from the mountain and wait for the tide to come in. When it does roll in, you will get a perfectly reflected mountain in the water. It makes for a beautiful shot.

In the peninsula there is also an awesome seal and bird watching area that overlooks the ocean. We saw plenty of seals sunbathing on the rocks. There is also a little “Viking town.” It’s not a real viking town though, it was actually created as a set for a film that was never made. Now, you can go visit it and pretend to be a viking!

After visiting Stokksnes, you will make the long but picturesque drive from Vestrahorn to the Hengifoss waterfall, the highest waterfall in Iceland. Hengifoss does require bit a of a hike, but if you choose to skip it, there are towns and inns nearby that make for a good night’s rest.

Day 6

  • Stuðlagil Canyon
  • Krafla-Viti caldera
  • Sleep at Myvatn

Day six starts of with an amazing hike in the Studlagil Canyon. This basalt canyon has a beautiful river that runs through it. There are two options for the hike, one is about 5 miles roundtrip, and the other just involves stairs down to a viewing platform. If you have the time, I would highly recommend taking the long hike down into the canyon. Eric and I skipped it because of time and we regretted it.

After visiting Stuðlagil Canyon, you will head north to the Myvatn area. Lake Myvatn is the most famous lake in the Northern section of Iceland. It is huge and famous for the spas that are located around it. On the way, make sure you stop at the Krafla-Viti Crater. It isn’t the most amazing thing that you will see on your trip, but the crazy blue water in the middle of a giant hole in the earth. Plus it is directly on the way to Myvatn.

Here is the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country.
created by dji camera

Day 7

  • Lake Myvatn
  • Drive to Grjótagjá Cave

Today is designed as a REST day. By this point in the itinerary, you have been doing a lot of driving and moving pretty fast. On day 7 of your two week Iceland Itinerary, you will enjoy the lake, the spas, and the Game of Thrones sex cave. Google it if you don’t know what I am talking about. There is also an awesome pizza place in Myvatn that I highly recommend.

Definitely use this day to rest and take a break from driving and sleep in a bit, you will appreciate having a moment just to rest, use the wifi, and prepare for the next part of your journey.

Day 8

  • Dettifoss
  • Godafoss

Day 8 of your two week Iceland itinerary is defined by powerful waterfalls. Dettifoss is one of the most powerful waterfalls in all of Europe! This fast rushing waterfall is absolutely incredible to see. Just make sure to bring a poncho and waterproof boots as the area can be very wet from the spray of the falls.

After seeing Dettifoss, you will head west toward Godafoss. Now Godafoss was actually my entire reason for planning a trip to Iceland. I’m obsessed with waterfalls, and when I saw this waterfall online, I just KNEW that I had to see it in person. Godafoss stands for “Waterfall of the Gods.” That name definitely rings true when you see this magnificent curved waterfall. I highly recommend seeing it at sunset. I could have honestly spent all day here just appreciating the waterfall and all of its glory.

Here is the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country.

Day 9

  • Aldeyjarfoss
  • Husavik

Day 9 of your itinerary is more of an “off-the-beaten-path” kind of day. Aldeyjarfoss is located less than 30 minutes away from Godafoss, but it is often passed up or not even mentioned on blogs or itineraries. This waterfall however is extra special because it is also a basalt canyon. If you park at the parking lot, then you hike down to where you are standing on a small cliff overlooking the basalt canyon that was carved out by this awesome waterfall.

After seeing the waterfall, you will head to one of my favorite places in Iceland: Husavik. Husavik is famous for its amazing whale watching. You have something like a 95% chance of seeing a whale on one of your tours. We did a tour on a REAL sailboat which was honestly an incredible experience in and of itself. Make sure to also check out “Geo Sea” while you are in Husavik for the ultimate infinity pool experience.

Here is the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country.

Day 10

  • Akureyri

Akureyri is considered the northern capital of Iceland. There are so many amazing places to eat here and places to explore. It is also another good rest day just to enjoy what city life is like in Iceland. One thing to note about Akureyri is that there is actually a port and an airport here. This means that it is the launching point for multiple tours. If you are looking for a cool day tour, you can definitely find one here.


Day 11

  • Kolugljúfur Canyon
  • Isafjordur

Day 11 is a heavy driving day. Before you head on your long journey up to the west fjords though, you will stop by the most magical place in Iceland: Kolugljufur Canyon. This canyon has a series of waterfalls located right next to each other that make for the most beautiful photograph I have ever taken. Shameless plug: You can buy the print of it here.

After enjoying this beautiful canyon, you will head to Isafjordur. This drive is long, but beautiful. It takes you through the westfjords, the scenery is so beautiful that it makes the drive enjoyable as well.

Day 12

  • Isafjordur
  • Dynjandi

Day twelve of your trip takes place in the uppermost part of Iceland. Isafjordur is home to the arctic fox research center and is also a launching point for whale watching tours! One thing that is really cool about Isafjordur is that it is basically the only place that you can get a tour to Hornstrandir from. Hornstrandir is a huge nature preserve on the tip of northern Iceland. It is actually its own island so you have to take a boat to get there.

After spending time in Isafjordur, you will head to Dynjandi. Dynjandi was actually one of my favorite waterfalls in Iceland (and that is saying something!). Dynjandi is a huge waterfall that is over 100 meters tall! Look at how small Eric looks compared to this MASSIVE waterfall. Just to note though, the bugs can be BAD here. Wear bug spray to save your sanity. In fact, I even saw people with bug nets to cover their faces.

Here is the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country.

Day 13

Kirkjufellsfoss is located on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula just above Reykjavik. It is known as “the most photographed spot in Iceland.” The setup for the shot is a photographers dream with the strangely shaped mountain and the waterfalls right in front of it. If you go during Northern Lights season, you can even get the chance to get a shot with the waterfalls, the mountains, and the lights! It may be a common shot, but what a special one to have.

After spending time on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, you will drive inland to Gullfoss and Bruarfoss. I was really excited to see Bruarfoss as it is a different kind of waterfall and is at the end of an awesome hike, but we didn’t get a chance because we ran out of time. However, I have heard AMAZING things about them though so I highly recommend adding them to your Iceland itinerary.

  • Kirkjufellsfoss
  • Gullfoss and Bruarfoss

Day 14

The final day of your two week Iceland itinerary is focused solely on spending time in Reykjavik. You could easily spend multiple days in this awesome city, but after your long trip, one day will feel like plenty! During your day in Reykjavik, use the time to relax at somewhere like Sky Lagoon (the better Blue Lagoon), and try all of the amazing food that the city has to offer. I had originally only planned to be in the city for a day, but that plan got messed up when I slid 500ft down the side of a mountain. After returning early from my hike, I had multiple days to heal, spend time eating, and explore all the city had to offer.

There are so many things to do in Reykjavik, but if you just have time for a few, then I would suggest the following. There is the Museum of Punk which is actually located in an old public bathroom. You are no longer allowed to use the facilities for bathroom needs, but it is a pretty awesome street museum. There is also the opera house which is a beautiful glass building that reflects the water beside it. The inside is as beautiful as the outside, and it is a great place to catch a show.

I would also HIGHLY recommend going to the Phallological museum. (Yes, it is a penis museum). Eric and I went, and we had such a great time! It was the most unsexy penis related museum you could think of, but I sure did learn a lot about whale genitalia! Sidenote: they have a bar there and you can carry your drink through the exhibits which is nice.

  • Reykjavik
Here is the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country.

If you’ve been to Iceland, comment below what YOUR favorite thing to see was!

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Here is the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country. #iceland #icelandtravel #icelanditinerary
Here is the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country. #iceland #icelandtravel #icelanditinerary
Here is the perfect two week Iceland itinerary to help you while you plan your dream trip to this incredible country. #iceland #icelandtravel #icelanditinerary
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  1. Hi Shannon, I came across this page and really enjoyed reading about your adventure. Amazing itinerary and I wish I’d found this before my first trip to Iceland last year as I missed some of these gems! But hoping to go back next month to do a little more. Ps. Your insta link seems broken! Best, David

    1. Hey there David! I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading about Iceland! It is one of my favorite places in the world. I can’t wait to go back in winter and experience a whole different version of it. You can find my instagram if you search Adventuringwithshannon and I will work on fixing that broken link. Thanks for reading!

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