With its warm year-round weather, different cultures, and bustling nightlife, Miami is one of the most entertaining cities in the United States. There are so many different things you can do and attractions you can visit, such as the beach, art museums, and the Miami nightlife. With so many options for activities, packing for a trip to Miami may be a real pain. It’s easy to overpack and forget important things if you don’t plan beforehand. As a Florida native, I’ve seen so many “lobster tourists” that have forgotten to bring things like proper sun protection which caused them to get painfully burnt. That’s why I created this Miami packing list so that you can take a trip to Miami hassle-free.

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What’s Miami Weather Like?

Miami is one of the most famous American cities due to its tropical environment, which has winters with warm weather and humid summers. You can count on sunshine for most of the year, as it is one of the biggest cities in the “Sunshine State.” The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 60.8 degrees and it is a beautiful time to visit Miami if you aren’t planning on going into the water at the beach.

When visiting Miami, March through May is ideal with warm weather but less humid than the summer months as the summer rain hasn’t come yet.

The summer is hot and humid, with occasional heavy downpours that serve as welcome reprieves from the season’s otherwise relentless warm weather. The mild temperatures and low likelihood of precipitation that characterize the winter months come as a welcome surprise.

On average, there are roughly 51 inches of rain every year. The rainiest season is summer, with July usually being the wettest month, but it’s important to remember that these downpours often come and go quickly. The average monthly temperatures and rainfall are listed below:

When Is the Best Time To Go To Miami

Depending on your plans, the time of year you visit Miami might make a huge difference. While the weather in Florida doesn’t ever get really cold, it does get extremely hot. It is important to take that into account while planning when to visit Miami.


The hottest time of year in Miami is the summer when highs can get above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level is insanely high. It is also tourist season as people want to come to Miami to spend their summer months at the beach. This is also the beginning of the hurricane season and the wettest time of year. While most people would say that Miami is an amazing summer destination due to its beaches, as a native Floridian, I can tell you that Spring and Fall are much better times to visit to avoid the extreme heat and summer crowds.

September -November

Though temperatures and rain chances decrease throughout the fall months, hurricanes are a huge possibility. The nice thing is that hurricanes are charted far out in advance. Plan to get travel insurance that covers disruption of travel due to hurricanes just in case. In general, fall is a great time to visit Miami as the weather is warm, and it is the off season for tourist travel.

December – February

When the weather forecast is nice, people tend to visit the city more. There is limited rainfall in Miami during the winter compared to the regular summer showers, and the weather is warm compared to the rest of the United States. While the water in the ocean may be colder, the winter is a great time to visit Miami and take a Florida vacation to escape the cold and snow.


It is the ideal time for a Florida vacation since the weather is warm but not scorching like it is during the summer. Because of this, people head to the beaches during the spring in Florida. This is also Spring Break season in Miami which means that college students from all over the United States are flocking to Miami to enjoy the sun and sand. Miami Beaches will be swarmed with spring breakers, but the city as a whole is worth visiting. The Great Taste of the Grove in April, SunFest and Miami Fashion Week in May, and the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition in March/April all contribute to the city’s booming festival scene and the influx of tourists. Personally, I would recommend going in May to enjoy the spring weather when all of the spring breakers have left, but the summer travelers haven’t arrived.


Miami’s Most Popular Places

South Beach

South Beach is one of the most iconic locations in Miami. Besides being home to an iconic beach scene. It also has a very popular nightlife. After the sun goes down, South Beach’s vibrant atmosphere continues, providing several options for those who want a bustling nightlife. Hollywood has used South Beach as a location several times, including in Miami Vice, Scarface, and Bad Boys.

The beach is a beautiful place to take a break and enjoy the sun, palm trees, and air. Get some exercise by playing volleyball or other beach sports. Go for a run or stroll, provide entertainment for kids, experience some romance, and of course, take a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Miami packing list

Little Havana

Little Havana, a Latino-dominated neighborhood in Miami, is vibrant, culturally rich, and not to be missed. Located around 15 minutes’ drive from South Beach, Little Havana is a great place to spend the day exploring and eating.

To most people, Little Havana is the epitome of a Cuban-American community. It’s known for its vibrant nightlife, the abundance of restaurants, music, and other cultural events, thriving local businesses, and the genuine friendliness of its citizens.

Little Havana is home to many historical sites, works of art, murals, live music, and traditional Cuban cuisine. Famous for its ongoing celebration of Cuban history, Southwest Eighth Street (also known as Calle Ocho) lies at the heart of this vibrant Hispanic cultural center. In Máximo Gómez Park, political debates and games of domino are popular spectator sports.

Watch cigars being rolled at the Little Havana Cigar Factory and other shops in the area. Music from outside cafes and boutiques will surely get you in the mood to dance.


Wynwood is my personal favorite neighborhood in Miami. It is located just a short distance north of Miami’s central business district and is famous for its art scene. Wynwood is full of art galleries, murals, and breweries as it appeals to the young, indie scene.

The Wynwood Walls is a top attraction in the neighborhood. This outdoor “gallery” is a veritable cornucopia of artwork by graffiti painters and muralists, and it’s located in the hippest part of Miami, making it a great complement to the city’s museums. People come here to take strolls, look at the murals, and snap pictures.

There is also a large building with an industrial brewery is tucked away on a side street. This brewery can produce 800 craft beers. It also has a multi-level restaurant with an expansive outdoor courtyard where live music can be heard on the weekends. 


Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a large, laid-back area with classic Art Deco style mansions and avenues. Coral Way is flanked by over 1200 enormous banyan trees that date back to George Merrick’s 1920s Mediterranean fantasy. There’s the Venetian Pool, a lovely public pool with grottoes and decorative bridges, and the massive pastel-colored Biltmore Hotel, which still serves a magnificent afternoon tea.

Coral Gables is conveniently located near the Port of Miami, Miami International Airport, Miami Beach, and other attractions. Among the numerous things to do and see in Coral Gables are Miracle Mile, a retail and eating mecca, and the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. It is also home to the University of Miami.

Coral Gables

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an iconic destination that offers visitors a plethora of exciting attractions and activities. Whether you’re looking for serene sunsets, vibrant nightlife, or incredible cuisine, Miami Beach has something to offer everyone.

For those who love the sun, Miami Beach has miles of white-sand beaches that are perfect for soaking up the rays and idling away the day. From paddleboarding and kayaking to boating and fishing, there are plenty of water activities available to enjoy too. Of course, no trip to Miami Beach would be complete without a dip in the Atlantic Ocean; swimming here is unbeatable! For a more relaxed experience, take a stroll along the boardwalk where you can find sidewalk cafes, boutique shops, and even street performers.

The evenings in Miami Beach come alive with music and dancing as the area’s renowned nightlife springs into action. There are trendy clubs boasting world-class DJs spinning house music all night long; dive bars offering great drinks at affordable prices; and live music venues featuring some of the best jazz bands in Florida. As for foodies, there’s an endless selection of incredible restaurants offering everything from classic Cuban cuisine to innovative dishes blending flavors from around the world; many places even feature outdoor dining overlooking stunning views of Biscayne Bay. No matter what your tastes may be, you’ll find something amazing in Miami Beach!

miami beach packing list

Miami Packing List: Clothes

Once you’ve settled on a date for your Miami trip, the next step is to prepare your Miami packing list. Remember, first and foremost, that Florida’s summers may become quite hot. Chances are there is high humidity, and you will walk a lot as you explore the city, so make sure you pack accordingly. If you plan on doing a lot of shopping, be sure to pack light to leave room for your new purchases.

Below are some clothing items that you should absolutely include on your Miami packing list.

  • Flip-flops: Flip-flops are still an absolute must for the humid climate, long beach days, and many public and private pools you will visit throughout your stay in Miami.
  • Tank tops: In summer and spring, wearing tank tops in Miami is fashionable and comfortable. During the winter, it’s best to wear layers. You can start with a tank top, add a light sweater, and finish with a scarf.
  • White, fancy clothing: White parties are popular in Miami clubs. It is a themed party where everyone, including the host, must wear white. White parties are held all year round but more frequently during summer.
  • Several pieces of swimwear: The beach is an integral part of any trip to Miami. There is a good chance that you will go to the beach multiple days in a row or jump between the beach and the pool. Because of this, you will want to bring more than one bathing suit with you because no one likes putting on a wet bathing suit from the day before.
  • Workout clothes: You can run or jog on the beach in Miami. Bring your workout clothes and shoes because Miami also has many green parks that are great for joggers and walkers. Workout clothes are also designed to be more comfortable in the heat and make good walking around clothes. Also plan on bringing comfortable shoes for walking.
  • High heels or wedges (Club shoes for men): Women should not wear sandals or flats at all to the clubs. Miami club culture is upscale and requires you to get dressed to the nines and many clubs and restaurants have a dress code.
  • Bring a wrap, a light jacket: While it’s true that Miami enjoys year-round warmth, even in the winter, you’ll still want to have something handy to throw on before entering air-conditioned comfort. Buildings tend to feel extremely cool after being out in the Miami heat. Many Miami parties take place on roofs, and the night air can be relatively cool, so it’s wise to bring along a light jacket, cover-up, or wrap.
  • Pair of shorts: Be sure to at least bring one pair of shorts. It is often too hot to wear pants all the time so make sure to have at least one pair of shorts as an option.
  • Dresses or Dress Clothing: If you plan on going out to dinner at a nice restaurant or out clubbing, then you will want to bring some fancier options. In general, the Miami style for clubbing includes sexy dresses, but if that is not your style, then an upscale, flowy maxi dress can be a good alternative for a night out on the town at a bar or restaurant (although I would never go clubbing in a long dress).

Miami Packing List: Accessories

While accessories are not essential items usually, they can definitely make you feel more put together during your time in Miami while also helping to protect you from the sun.

  • Big, floppy hat or a Panama hat: Bring a Panama hat. This item comes from Ecuador, but it has become a symbol of the tropical way of life. It will keep the sun off you and make you look like you belong in Miami. Alternatively, you can bring a fashionable floppy hat to keep the sun off your face while relaxing at the beach.
  • Pair of Sandals: You will 100% need to bring a cute pair of sandals with you to Miami. They are perfect for walking on the beach or around town. Some people opt for dress sandals instead of flip flops for a more “put together” look.
  • Sunglasses: Be sure to bring a good pair of eyewear to shield your eyes from the sun’s glare. It also prevents eye damage during outdoor daytime activities. People don’t realize how damaged the sun and the the reflected sun off the sand can be to your eyes.
  • Ball Cap: If you plan on going out on a boat trip or on an adventure like sea kayaking, then it is important to protect your face from the sun. In this case a floppy hat or panama hat won’t stay on your head due to the sea breeze so it is best to bring a ball cap.
  • Cover-up: It is a good idea to bring a coverup of some sort for your bathing suit. This could be a long sleeve shirt or a dress that is easy to slip over a bathing suit. Not only will this provide sun protection, but it will also give you something to quickly change into when you want to hop into a restaurant and grab a bite to eat.

Miscellaneous Essentials

The last part of what to include in your Miami packing list is your miscellaneous essentials. This includes all the toiletries you will need when you travel to Miami, such as:

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss.
  • Mouthwash, deodorant, Shampoo, and conditioner
  • Hair grooming tools: blow dryer, straightener, curling, flat iron, hairbrush, and comb.
  • Skincare items: Aloe Vera lotion (for sunburns), lip balm, sunscreen
  • Makeup kit
  • Hairstyling products: Gel, mousse, and hair spray
  • Insect Repellent/Bug spray (if you plan on taking a day trip to the Everglades)
  • Insulated water bottle to keep your water cold
  • Beach bag, beach blanket, beach towel
  • Electronics: Laptop, tablet, smartphone, and a digital camera
  • External charger for your cell phone


No matter when you decide to go on your Florida vacation, this Miami packing list will help you plan for a great trip. Be sure to check out the ultimate Florida packing list for more options and I hope you have a good time in my home state.

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