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New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful country. In fact, over 33% of the land is designated conservation land in order to preserve this natural beauty. There are so many places in New Zealand that feel completely surreal, and people won’t believe that they could really exist. Here is the perfect list of the most Instagram-worthy places in New Zealand’s South Island so that you can share this Kiwi country’s beauty with the world.

Hokitika Gorge

Located on the west side of the South Island, Hokitika Gorge is the perfect place to make your Instagram followers’ jaws drop! This beautiful gorge is an indescribable teal-blue color that you have to see to believe. There is also a wooden bridge that goes from one side to the other that will test your fear of heights. I would HIGHLY suggest stopping here, especially if you are working your way down to Franz Josef Glacier.


Wanaka is famous for many things among New Zealander’s. Specifically, it is famous for one of the MOST Instagram-worthy places in New Zealand’s South Island: #THATWanakaTree. That Wanaka tree is famous for being a tree that is surrounded completely by water and appears to have grown in the middle of the lake. However, if you go in the Winter like me, you will find that the water has receded during the dry season, causing my Instagram-worthy moment to be more of an Instagram-worthy fail. Still a beautiful sight to see, especially in the summer.

Roy’s Peak: The Instagrammer’s Dream

Wanaka: One of the most instagram-worthy places in new zealand's south island
I mean, look at this view

Roy’s Peak is located in Wanaka, making it an easy destination to find. However, these views and pics are NOT easy to get. Roy’s Peak is a GRUELING hike up, and in the winter, can become very icy at the top. It is a high incline hike that is not recommended for those out of shape. Yet it still falls in the medium difficulty for hiking rankings. Let me tell you though, it is worth it. This was the most rewarding hike with the BEST views. My instagram thanked me for it, and your’s will too.

And this one!

The most Instagram-Worthy Place for Astrophotography: Tekapo

Tekapo is famous for Lake Tekapo, a glacial lake that is an incredible shade of blue. However, it also contains the only Dark Sky Reserve in the Southern Hemisphere of the world. A Dark Sky Reserve is a place where light pollution is illegal in order to preserve the ability to see the stars. This makes Tekapo the PERFECT place for star-gazing and astrophotography. Eric and I made our first attempts at astrophotography here, and we were impressed by the insane visibility of the Milky Way and the stars, even without our camera lens.

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Hooker Valley

Don’t let the name deceive you. This hike is not one to be missed. Hooker Valley Track is a very easy day hike around glacial lakes and amazing mountains. The scenery is just so incredibly beautiful that you have to see it for yourself. Your photography will be taken to the next level here. I mean, look at the picture above, I can’t believe that I took that! Hooker Valley is just breathtaking, and it’s easy enough that anyone can do it!

Mirror Lake

mirror lake one of the most instagram-worthy places in New Zealand's South Island

Mirror Lake is found on the only road in and out of Milford Sound. Be warned, this road is often blocked due to weather in the winter months. Mirror Lake got its name from the magical reflections it causes. The mountains are reflected perfectly by this mysterious lake, and every angle gives you a new reflection to take a picture with. It is definitely a spot worth stopping for. Do it for the Gram.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound: The most instagram-worthy places in New Zealand's South Island

Rudyard Kipling called Milford Sound “The Eighth Wonder of the World,” and I have to agree with him. Milford Sound is not only beautiful, but magical as well. You can see seals swimming next to waterfalls, the ocean connecting with the fjord, and snow-capped peaks scaling the sides. Everywhere you look there is something breathtaking to see. Instagram will never do this place justice.

These places are amazing, and you can see them for yourself! I hope that these “Most Instagram-Worthy Places in New Zealand’s South Island” help motivate you to go see this incredible country!

There are so many places in New Zealand that feel completely surreal, and people won't believe that they could really exist. Here is the perfect list of the most Instagram-worthy places in New Zealand's South Island so that you can share this Kiwi country's beauty with the world. #Newzealand #southisland #instagram
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  1. You took me right back to 2012 with this post, I spent 7 weeks in NZ in a camper van and, apart from the very steep prices, it was heaven. It is a walker’s paradise. Milford Sound and the Mirror Lakes both stole my heart. Great List.

  2. I’ve been to Australia, but never New Zealand. It’s amazing how much you think they look alike as far as landscapes, but they really don’t! What gorgeous photos!

  3. Gahhh. I want to visit all of those! The stars in the one picture are incredible! I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand, but now that feeling is amplified.

  4. These are so beautiful places they seem out of the world! New Zealand seems so far away from where I live but would love to visit there some day. That’s for sharing such beautiful spots!

  5. Milford Sound looks the prettiest and the most Instagrammable of all. I would love to spend at least a month in NZ and explore all these places. I am also an Instagram freak, so I can resonate.

  6. Looking at your images I can almost feel that cool, fresh air on my skin. πŸ™‚ I wish New Zealand would be a bit closer… Or no… I wish I could be closer to New Zealand. πŸ™‚

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