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Packing Cubes

These is my Number One MUST-HAVE for a reason! Packing cubes are, in my opinion, the greatest organization tool ever invented. Because of them, I have ability to store all of my items neatly and in their own compartments. As someone who seems to always be in a rush, this allows me to quickly pull out what clothes I am going to wear and find what I need even in the dark. Packing cubes also allow me easily pack my backpack or suitcase while still feeling organized. I even sometimes bring a small one for dirty clothes! Here are some awesome ones on amazon that I use.


We live in a social media driven world. I cannot image traveling without a camera to record the amazing things that the world has to offer! Even if it is just your phone camera, traveling creates amazing memories that you will want to record and save for generations to come.


Fun fact about me: I’ve had seven concussions in my life and cannot sleep without a pillow. Because of this and the fact that sleeping on a plane is nearly impossible without a one, I always bring a small travel pillow with me. When looking for the right travel pillow for you, choose something that will support your neck to avoid neck pain on long flights!


This must-have is a MUST for a reason. Just don’t forget it, or your trip is a no-go.


I have a curly mop of a head of hair. Without a hairbrush to brush it out after my shower, my hair will become so knotted that I will look like a bird could easily lay eggs in it. This one might not be a must-have for everyone, but my list would not be complete without this important feature.


Since impulse buying a drone, it has become a part of my regular travel equipment. My husband and I splurged on a Mavic Air before going on our honeymoon to New Zealand and have traveled with the drone ever since. There Is just nothing like being able to get an aerial view of already amazing scenery. I am convinced it seriously upped my insta game too.


A snow storm in the Italian Alps: feat. The Mavic Air and two very cold Floridians

This mini tripod

I’m obsessed with this cute little tripod! It is small, light, and portable enough to fit in my day bag while also being strong enough to hold my DSLR. I’ve spent more hours than I would like to admit precariously perching my camera on ledges and streets in order to get the perfect shot when I don’t have my tripod on me. This little guy completely solves that problem! It’s now a true must-have for me so that I can get that perfect shot on the go.

Mini dry shampoo

This is a must-have because, let’s face it, a girl’s (or guy’s!) hair is going to get greasy. This mini dry shampoo can be a life saver to freshen up your look after hours of travel.

My favorite to use is this one:

Roll up water bottle

Staying hydrated is SUCH an important thing in life, but a pure necessity during travel. I love this water bottle because it rolls up! When I am going through airport security, it is small, rolled up, and empty. It is a huge space saver because it only takes up that extra space when you have it filled. You can find the one I use here.

A good Playlist

There’s nothing like traveling through the mountains listening to the most epic of playlists. While we were in New Zealand, that was the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. While I’m everywhere else THESE are some of the amazing songs that make me feel like I am living in a movie.


I mean, just imagine walking in this Bavarian Palace lawn with “Royals” playing in your ears. I’ve done it. It’s a nifty experience.

Playing Cards

So my husband and I are one of the most competitive couples you will ever meet. We are obsessed with games. We love bringing playing cards with us because there are countless possibilities with them! We play card games on long flights and sometimes even at dinner when we are out at a café. These cards also give us an opportunity to invite people to play with us. If you are traveling the hostel route, these cards will make you an automatic life of the party.

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