Do you stress out about travel? Are you always afraid that you are going to forget something? I travel constantly, and I STILL feel this way whenever I am leaving for a trip. I focus so much on making sure that my travel plans are perfect, that I end up letting some of the key “at home” things slide that truly need to be taken care of before I leave. To alleviate the stress, I have created the perfect pre-travel checklist to make sure that I never forget to do anything again.

One Week Before Travel

It is important to spread out your pre-travel checklist items so that you are not under incredible amounts of stress the night before you go. I have split up each of the tasks into groups so that you can properly plan and get everything done. Everything that you will be doing one week before your trip are things that might require a little more time, or things that need to be double checked in advance.

  • Make sure you have enough medicine
  • Plan for pets
  • Double Check flight plans
  • Make sure that all accommodations are booked
  • Write down any important phrases in the language you need to know
pre-travel checklist

Two Days Before Travel

It’s SO important not to wait until the last minute to pack! I’m honestly a MAJOR procrastinator, and even though I”m a packing pro, I still end up forgetting things when I wait until last minute. I hate being so busy the day before I travel that I can’t even take a moment to get excited for my trip. That is why I make sure to start preparing for travel at least two days before travel. The first thing I do is start the laundry because if I don’t have clean clothes, I can’t pack them! Then I move on to making my packing list, sometimes I’ve already made this over time. I usually just use a note in my phone. Checking the weather is essential before packing.

One time I went to Utah in March, and I assumed that because it was the desert, it would be hot. I did not check the weather. The very first day we were there, there was an incredible snow storm. Needless to say, I was cold for the entire trip.

  • Do Laundry
  • Pack
  • Make a list of things to pack morning of: cell phone charger, tooth brush, deodorant, etc.
  • Check the weather of the location that you are traveling to
  • Go to an atm and pull out cash
  • Make copies of any important documents like passports
  • Download google translate in the language

One Day Before Travel

The day before travel is so KEY to having a great trip and a great return to your house. When you return home, you don’t want it to be a mess. Unpacking can already be hard, but if you come home to a smelly fridge, a dirty kitchen, and old sheets, all of that relaxation that you just experienced on your vacation! Prepare your house for the arrival of someone who is truly living their best life. If you spent the day before packing, then today is a day to clean and prep yourself for your adventure.

  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Wash your sheets (it’s always nice to come back to clean sheets)
  • Double Check Packing list
  • Download playlists for the plane
  • Download the google maps of the area that you are traveling to
  • Screenshot itinerary, confirmation numbers, etc.
  • Weigh your luggage
  • Pack your carry on (as you pack your carry on, check out The Best Carry On Luggage That Fits Under Your Seat)

Day of Travel

It’s GAMEDAY. At this point, you are just collecting your last minute items. Remembering your toothbrush, chargers, deodorant, and other items that you needed to use in the morning. Make sure that you hydrate. Leave with PLENTY of time to get to the airport, and head out on your adventure! I hope that this pre-travel checklist will help you prepare for your next journey!

  • Water the plants
  • Check-in online for flight
  • Unplug extra electricity pulling devices
  • Take out the trash
  • Eat a good breakfast
pre-travel checklist

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