If you want to live your best life while drinking margaritas on the beach and soaking up some sun, then Florida MUST be on your bucket list. If you are here, it most likely means that you are dreaming of a Florida vacation or have one planned already, and I’m so excited for you! As a Florida native, I love showing people my home state because it has so much to offer. However, it can be difficult to choose exactly what to pack for your Florida vacation because it can feel like there are so many options. If you are feeling a little stuck on what you should wear while you are there, I’m here to help! This is the ideal packing list for cute outfits for Florida vacations, especially if you want to look AMAZING on Instagram.

These outfits will work pretty much anywhere you visit in Florida. If you are anything like me, you may feel like you need an updated wardrobe every time you go on vacation. Personally, I never seem to plan my packing lists far enough in advance to go on an in-store shopping spree so I designed this list to work perfectly with Amazon’s two-day shipping so that your clothes can arrive just in time for your vacation. Simply click the picture to shop! Without further ado, we are going to start with a list of clothing items to create those outfits for Florida.

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Of course, the first thing on this list is going to be dresses, I could not think of outfits for Florida without including dresses because Florida is just so ridiculously hot. I want you to think of flowy, floral, easy-going dresses that are both cute and comfortable in the Florida heat. Dresses are great for that type of weather as they are airy, cool, and comfortable while looking effortlessly amazing. Plus dresses can double as beach coverups!

outfits for Florida vacations

There are lots of options for the types of dresses you may want to bring. Here are a few dress recommendations from amazon: 

  • Option 1: A Boho off-the-shoulder midi dress could be worn to brunch, a day out, or a walk on the beach.
  • Option 2: Cottage Core is super in style right now and this style dress would work perfectly in Florida.
  • Option 3: Everyone needs a flattering maxi dress in their life and this would be it.
  • Option 4: A swing midi dress with pockets and this one has so many options if you want stripes, solids, or florals.


When you are planning outfits for Florida vacations, it’s important to think about two things: sun protection and staying cool. The tops you are going to want to wear on this vacation are going to consist of an oversized button-down, a casual tank top, and a sleeveless blouse. I know a sleeveless blouse sounds like a tank top but it is a little dressier which makes it more versatile than a basic tank. With the heat in Florida, you are going to want tank tops, but a button-up can really add dimension to an outfit without making you too hot and help protect you from the sun (No one wants a tourist sunburn). Go with a button-down that is lightweight, you could even go with a short-sleeve button-up. Those are so cute!

Here is a lightweight button-up that can be used as a top by itself (I would roll the sleeves), layered over a casual tank top, or used as a swimsuit cover-up. There is also the option to have a short sleeve button-up if that is a style that you prefer.

The next key top to pack is a casual tank top. These cropped tops are super in style right now. If you are not much for a cropped top order a size up and with high waisted bottoms you will hardly be able to tell it is cropped. If you don’t like a crop-style tank, then you can opt for one of the full-length options instead as shown on the right.

Next, you have the dressier tanks. These are usually flowier and pair great with a short necklace. you can see what I mean when I say a sleeveless blouse is not the same as a tank top. It can give you a dressier outfit while also keeping you cool. Paired with a pair of skinny jeans and some cute wedges, these tops make amazing brunch, evening out, and girl’s day outfits for Florida. I wear these on a regular basis when going out to dinner or to a bar in Orlando.

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As far as bottoms go, shorts or skirts will be best, because of the weather. If you are visiting not in the summer or you tend to get cold, I would definitely bring a pair of jeans with you, especially if you are staying in a hotel because hotels in Florida are FRIGID. You may even want a pair of sweats for the room (I’m not kidding, we LOVE our air-conditioning in Florida). Besides that, shorts and skirts are mostly what you will want to wear. However, in the outfits below you can easily switch the shorts to pants if need be. 

Here is a perfect shorter skirt that is so cute for the summer months. It would look amazing paired with one of the crop tanks we talked about earlier as well.

Now as far as shorts there a several options:

  • Option 1: We have the basic jean shorts, this pair from amazon comes in a light wash, medium wash, dark wash, white, or black. Then they also have distressed options or some with only buttons and no zipper. They are also high waisted which is still in right now (even though low-rise is coming back, I am not into that).
  • Option 2: If you are all about being comfortable and super casual these shorts are perfect. They have an elastic waistband and are a nice soft material. You can also wear shorts like this over a swimsuit. Bonus: They come in plus-size.
  • Option 3: When you want a more put-together look, paper bag shorts are an awesome option because they are SO cute. I know the name can be a little miss leading because they are comfortable and not like paper. These could easily go with a casual tank top, a sleeveless blouse, or a button-down.


 I am going to keep this one short because I do not think rompers need much of an explanation. Essentially, a romper is a whole outfit by itself, nice in the heat, you can dress them up or down, they have been in style forever and they pair with sneakers, sandals, or wedges. They are honestly amazing and I don’t think I own enough of them. I’ve worn the same romper to a friend’s college graduation AND as a beach coverup. Do we need any more convincing than that?

These two off of amazon are some of my favorites, one is a little dresser and the other is super casual, so it depends on your personal style (but both would go great with sneakers or sandals). 

  • Option 1: This one kind of looks like a dress but it is a romper, and the long flowy sleeves make it perfect for the evenings. I would pair this with a pair of wedges to wear to a dinner or brunch out with the girls.
  • Option 2: This one is a cute solid and casual romper. This one would be perfect for a quick beach coverup or something to wear to a waterpark over your bathing suit.


We will keep the shoes basic, because when picking out outfits and packing for vacation I hate how much room shoes take up. Shoes are such a struggle for the notorious over-packer. The only pairs of shoes you will need for outfits in Florida are going to be sneakers, sandals, and wedges.

I love a basic white sneaker and Amazon has some great affordable ones that will match everything. Sandals I will link to two different styles but make sure to choose shoes that are versatile and will match with most of your outfits. The more outfits you can match with one pair of shoes, the better. Last to dress up a little but still keeping the Florida vibe are some cute wedges that you can pair with basically any outfit in Florida.

Note: You will basically never need heels in Florida unless you are going out in Miami.


Anywhere you visit in Florida you will need a swimsuit. If you are not at a beach or by a beach, there will be a pool. Again, I do not feel swimsuits need any explanation as to why you will need them in Florida. I would recommend bringing at least 2 swimsuits with you because it’s an awful feeling putting on a wet bathing suit. One can continue drying while you use the other one.

  • Option 1: You cannot go wrong with a solid bikini. This one has super cute sleeves as well.
  • Option 2: I’ve also added a cute Tankini if Bikinis are not your thing. It’s a great alternative if your stomach is burnt from wearing a bikini the day before.
  • Option 3: A one-piece. One-piece bathing suits are super in-style lately (thank goodness) and make for awesome pool-side Instagram photos.

I know how tough it can be to find cute Plus-sized clothing, but Amazon has some of the best. So, I am also going to link two super cute plus-sized swimsuits as well.


Accessories make an outfit, let’s say it again – accessories make an outfit. Do not forget your accessories when planning out outfits to wear in Florida. Some of the accessories that will be most beneficial in Florida are Floppy Hats, Sunglasses, and your jewelry.

  • Option 1: Two floppy hats to think about bringing are your basic floppy hat perfect for wearing with a cute sundress, wearing on the beach, or at the pool.
  • Option 2: (A personal favorite for me) Then for all my Instagram babes, you might want this oversized floppy hat. Perfect for the beach, the pool, and all the Instagram pictures you want to take. It is OBNOXIOUSLY large, but that is what makes it so great.

Here are some other accessory options:

  • I would also bring a ball cap because they are so practical. They are perfect for the theme parks and days when your beach hair is a little much. Here is a great basic one.
  • Amazon has some very reasonable-priced sunglasses that are so on-trend right now. They are priced right around $10. 
  • I am going to go ahead and throw in a cover-up option because this is a great versatile kimono cover-up. You can use it over your swimsuit or to layer over a tank top for a flowy outfit.

Another thing that is nice to buy from Amazon because it is reasonably priced is jewelry. Here are a few pieces that my friends of mine swear by because they can be worn to the pool, to the beach, and just every day. (PSA they are under $20 so do not expect them to last for years and years, they have held up for a little over a year now and just the clasp has turned silver).

Outfit Ideas For Florida Vacations

Now I’m going to show you a couple of ways that you can pair these pieces together to make cute outfits for your vacation.

Outfit 1

Tank top, with shorts and sandals.

I would recommend laying it with a button-up if you are going to be indoors or just like to keep the sun off your shoulders. 

This is such a go-to] look and perfect for a nice sunny day in Florida. You could walk around any downtown area, go to a theme park, go out to eat breakfast (lunch or brunch), shopping, visiting museums, or any other fun thing you might be doing.

Outfit 2

Florida outfit inspo number 2 is wearing a romper and sneakers.

You can opt for a casual romper or one that looks like a dress, either are super cute with sneakers. As mentioned above this outfit is perfect for a variety of activities you may be taking part in Florida. Now if you go with a dressier romper, at the end of the day to go out to a nice dinner you can pop on some wedges and look amazing. 

Outfit 3

Outfit number 3 is going to be a dress and wedges.

This is cute for going out to brunch or dinner, going shopping, or if you are going to any art museums. For during the day with this look, I would put on that floppy hat we talked about earlier. Dresses and floppy hats were made for each other. 

outfits for Florida vacations

Outfit 4

For this outfit put together the sleeveless blouse, skirt, and sandals.

This is a super cute but casual look. Again, almost any vacation activity would work with this outfit including a nice evening walk on the beach. Depending on what type of rides you ride this is also a practical outfit for a theme park. Skirts really give a cute and girly feel to an outfit that is perfect to wear in Florida.

Outfit 5

The last outfit to go over is your Beach or pool day outfit! I saved the best for last because these days are the most relaxing, lounging and soaking up some sun (but not too much, please wear sunscreen). 

For this outfit you would wear your swimsuit, cover-up, sandals, floppy hat, and sunglasses. You could also throw on a pair of shorts if you end up grabbing lunch, icecream, or coffee.

outfits for Florida vacations

Bonus Outfits For Florida

Your outfits can be repurposed to create new outfits by layering and changing the shoes such as wearing your dress with sandals for an evening walk on the beach. You could pair your button-up with shorts and wear wedges to dress it up a little. I mentioned earlier you could use the Kimono beach cover-up to layer over the casual tank top and shorts with sneakers. With all of the pieces we have talked about there are so many outfits you can create for your Florida vacation. 

I know this section is titled bonus outfits, but I also wanted to go over if you would like to pack lighter for your Florida vacation, it is totally possible while still having these outfits – you could pack one pair of shorts, one skirt, one tank top, one sleeveless blouse, one button-down, one romper, one dress, one swimsuit, and one cover-up. That is nine clothing items, and you will have a minimum of 15 outfits! That’s how many outfits I can come up with off the top of my head. There may even be some looks I am not thinking of. 

These outfits that I have picked for Florida are some easy and trendy looks, and you may already have many of these clothing pieces in your closet that could be used to create these outfits. I do not like to come off as too salesy. But we all know how nice it is to buy a new clothing item or two to go on vacation. I hope this was super helpful in helping you pick out outfits for Florida or just to give you some outfit inspo for your next vacation.

What items would YOU want to bring on your Florida Vacation?

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Don't miss this guide to the pieces you need, along with outfit options to have cute outfits to wear in Florida for Spring Break or Summer Vacation.
#florida #floridavacation #springbreak #springbreakflorida #pensacola #miami #orlando #tampa #stpetersburg #summer #disneyworld #disney #beachvacation
Don't miss this guide to the pieces you need, along with outfit options to have cute outfits to wear in Florida for Spring Break or Summer Vacation.
#florida #floridavacation #springbreak #springbreakflorida #pensacola #miami #orlando #tampa #stpetersburg #summer #disneyworld #disney #beachvacation
Don't miss this guide to the pieces you need, along with outfit options to have cute outfits to wear in Florida for Spring Break or Summer Vacation.
#florida #floridavacation #springbreak #springbreakflorida #pensacola #miami #orlando #tampa #stpetersburg #summer #disneyworld #disney #beachvacation

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