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About Adventuring With Shannon’s Trips

Designed with the dreamers in mind, these group adventure trips are created to make your dreams a reality. Centered around the idea that no one should have to travel solo if that isn’t their style, Adventuring With Shannon’s trips offer an incredible group travel experience where you can live out your dreams and make great friends at the same time. Each trip is designed to connect the best of everything a trip can offer with every itinerary specifically crafted to make the most of each opportunity by allowing time for both guided tours to amazing places and free time to explore on your own. From cooking experiences to castle tours, each trip offers an in-depth look at the culture and beauty of a place while taking all of the hassle out of travel planning. So what are you waiting for? Take the leap and join the trip of a lifetime.

Upcoming Trip Announcements:

  • Peru July 2023 (Co-ed Option)
  • Morocco October 2023
  • Depending on Interest: Italy 2023
  • New Zealand 2024 (Co-ed Option)
  • Iceland 2024

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Want to go somewhere that’s not on the list? Let us know so we can plan a future trip there!