Are you thinking of traveling to another country for camping and immersive scenery? Do you live in Italy and want to go on an adventurous trip? Whatever the case, the Dolomites will fulfill all your needs. The Dolomites is one of the most scenic places in Europe because of its incredible mountain ranges. If you are visiting the region for camping, you’re in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about camping in the Dolomites.

Location Of The Dolomites

The Dolomites is located on the eastern side of the northern Italian Alps. It is famous for its sharp peaks, abstract rocks, and limestone shades. This place has a rich history from the World Wars which is why it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A key thing to note is that the Dolomites spans three different Italian regions. That is why people don’t just travel here for the mountain scenery. You can enjoy the cliffs, pastures, meadows, valleys, villages, and much more. The area of this region is about 141,903 hectares and includes 18 peaks. They are all over the height of 3000 meters and offer you a majestic view of the entire region.

Why The Dolomites Are Worth Visiting?

Are you wondering why you should go camping in the Dolomites? If so, you no longer have to. Here are the top reasons that will help you understand why visiting this region is worth it:

Stunning Scenery

Many places in nature offer excellent scenery and a majestic view. However, the experience that the Dolomites offer is unlike any other location. The scenery is breathtaking and will make your heart skip a beat.

The best part about the Dolomites is that it is a year-round destination. So you can bask in the scenery at all times. You can have an extensive range of winter sports during the cold months. Meanwhile, there are plenty of outdoor activities for the summers.

The Dolomites is a unique section of the Italian Alps. If the Alps are calling you, then check out The Best Mountain Bike Trails To Ride In The French Alps.

Here's the ultimate list of the best places for camping in the Dolomites region of northern Italy. It is an experience you don't want to miss

Beautiful Hikes

A key feature of the Dolomites is the eighteen peaks it harbors and the trails on them. This is why it is the best place to go hiking in Italy. Each trail will allow you to see experience the Dolomites with a new perspective because each area and mountain peak in the Dolomites is incredibly unique. Plus there is a huge amount of famous and beautiful lakes in the Dolomites that are worth hiking to.

Alpine Cuisine

When you go to a new place, finding suitable food for yourself can be tricky. After all, not all cuisines meet your taste and needs. However, you will not have to worry about this when camping in the Dolomites.

The region is famous for its Alpine cuisine, which offers you an extensive range of dishes. What’s so great is that there is something for every individual. So you don’t have to stress about hunger, spice, or other issues.

You can experience local items such as barley and mushroom polenta. Sauerkraut is another dish that will allow you to enjoy the best of the Alpine cuisine. Most camping sites serve it with crispy speck, which is basically smoked ham.

Best Campsites In The Dolomites

Have you decided to use a campsite for your stay in the Dolomites? Well, here are the top places that you should consider:

Camping Eden

The Camping Eden campsite is one of the top places in the Dolomites. It is located in a readily accessible location that is also away from noisy areas. So you do not have to worry about external sounds ruining your experience.

This campsite has more than 140 pitches along the valley streams near Falcade. This is a traditional village in the Dolomites that is surrounded by five mountain peaks. Another best thing about this campsite is that a cable is right next to it for easy travel.

The facilities of this site include a café bar, minimarket, two blocks of toilets, and a playground for kids. Besides that, you can gain access to the washing machine and dryer services for an additional fee. The campsite also has a BBQ area with tables.

Camping Eden has varying prices in the winters and the summers. Adults have to pay between €5.80 to €9.00 per day. Children below four years have zero entrance fees. While you can expect to pay €5.50 for kids till twelve years. Meanwhile, the pitch rent is €8.00 to €10.00. You will also get electricity access to your caravan.

Camping Vidor

The Pozza di Fassa is a region in the heart of Trentino region of the Dolomites. Camping Vidor can be found in this region and offers you access to multiple pitches. They have divided the campsites into three categories:

  • Comfort Pitches
  • Maxi Comfort Pitches
  • Luxury Pitches XL

Camping Vidor is also a resort, so you enjoy various amenities at this place including chalets and lodges for staying. The camping service includes access to restaurants, game rooms, washing facilities, a supermarket, a private spa, and bathrooms.

Besides that, you also gain access to the cinema and rock-climbing services for kids. The resort also offers various services in winters and summers. For instance, you can race with cyclists, go skiing, trekking, and much more.

The winter camping prices for adults (age 15 and above) are €10.50 to €16.50 per day. Juniors of ten to fourteen years have a fee of €7.00 to €11.00. Meanwhile, children below age two have zero camping fees.

The Summer prices are also the same but keep in mind that caravan costs will vary depending on the number of days you will be staying.

Camping Colfosco

Camping Colfosco is located in the Alta Badia region of the Dolomites. It is situated between the Corvara and Colfosco villages. You can camp at the pitches in your tents, motorhomes, caravans, and much more. The place also offers wooden houses and bungalows for better comfort.

The location is also at the foot of the Sella Group and a few minutes away from the Sellaronda ski slopes. You can enjoy numerous facilities such as private showers, Wi-Fi, sockets, heated ski rooms, and water supply. The campsite also offers you private showers and electricity access at the pitch.

You can also enjoy the bar, minimarket, clean toilets, and children’s playground. This is why camping in the Dolomites is one of the best things to do. The campsite also offers many other facilities for an immersive experience.

The price is about €10.00 per day for people of age ten and above. Meanwhile, children of age six to ten have an average fee of €7.00 per day. You can also get access to tents, camping buses, and much more for additional prices.

Camping Catinaccio Rosengarten

Camping Catinaccio Rosengarten is located in Val di Fassa of the Dolomites. Not only that, but it is within walking distance from Pozza di Fassa. Many trails are the highlight of these regions. That is why this campsite is one of the best locations in the Dolomites.

The facilities include private showers, bathrooms, Wi-Fi access, and ski depots. You will also have a hot water supply and cleaning amenities such as washing machines. The campsite also offers a rental car for roaming around the town.

The prices of this campsite are according to the per day model. Adults have to pay between €9.80 to €15.50. Meanwhile, babies have a fee of free to €6.00, depending on the age. Pitch access will cost you €9.50 to €18.00 per day.

Camping Seiser Alm

Camping Seiser Alm is located in the middle of the Dolomites near the Alpe di Siusi region. This is the largest Alp in Europe and offers the best scenic view in Italy. You can engage in various activities in this highly active tourism area.

The facilities of this campsite include hygiene amenities, swimming pool, restaurant, minimarket, tent place, and much more. You can also purchase mobile card ski services and access to shuttle buses.

The prices here are similar to other campsites. Adults have to pay €11.50 to €18.00 for each day. Kids of age ten to fourteen have a fee of €6.50 to €12.50. Keep in mind that the prices of the pitch vary depending on the area size you are renting.

Camping Soal

Camping Soal is another campsite that is in the Val di Fassa section of the Dolomites. It has a view of the Catinaccio Rosengarten and enables you to see the various flowers. The campsite allows you to immerse in the beauty of the Avisio River, Marmolada glaciers, and much more.

The facilities of this campsite are extensive, and you get access to basic amenities such as bathrooms. The location also has various shops, restaurants, shuttle service, and much more. Pets are also allowed on the premises.

Winter prices for two people range from €44.00 to €55.00 per day. Keep in mind that all the packages include a mobile home. The exact prices vary depending on the season. Meanwhile, summer prices for two people range from €30.00 to €60.00.

Camping Toblacher See

The Lago di Dobbiaco is a beautiful area that makes camping in the Dolomites a fun experience. Camping Toblacher See is in this region and is a high-end campsite. It offers you chalets, a sky view, and much more.

You can get four different types of pitch access at this campsite. They offer a comfortable platform for setting up the tent. Besides that, you will also get access to a minivan throughout your stay. The best thing about the pitches is that they are located near the lakes in this area.

The price of the pitch for each day is €2.50. Meanwhile, the tourist tax per person is €1.35. However, the rates for adults and kids have not been disclosed by the campsite. This is because it varies as per the different seasons. So you will have to contact the management for the information.

Camping Olympia

Are you looking to enjoy camping in the Dolomites by exploring the Puster Valley? If so, Camping Olympia must be one of your top choices. It is located in this region and offers a scenic experience. All the pitches have electricity access, so you don’t have to lose connection from the online world.

The facilities of this campsite include gas and water connections to the pitches. It also has two restaurants, a heated swimming pool, a wellness site, a supermarket, and a playground. There is also a park for your pets.

The daily price for one night ranges from €30.00 to €47.00 for two persons. You can add more people by using the add-on. However, you will have to pay an additional fee for them. The prices also vary depending on the pitch zone.

Camping Park Baita Dolomiti Village

Camping Park Baita Dolomiti Village is in the Alti Val di Non region of the Dolomites. It is the ideal location for engaging in hiking, camping, and much more. You can enjoy access to various amenities at this campsite. Not only that but many wonderful locations are in this region.

The campsite offers access to private bathrooms, washing facilities, and much more. It has playgrounds and heated rooms for long stay as well. The resort also has a swimming pool for a fun experience.

The prices of Camping Park are relatively reasonable as compared to other places. The fee for adults is €8.00 to €14.00 while children under three years have zero fees.

Camping Larchwiese

Camping Larchwiese is a beautiful campsite with an extensive range of pitches. You can get classic, comfortable, and many other options at this location. It also offers a high range of other services, including clean bathrooms.

The campsite offers various tours and activities for winter and summer. Besides that, you can enjoy high-end food at the restaurant. Not only that, but the location also has a pizzeria for kids and adults. You will also get parking space at this facility throughout your stay.

The prices of this campsite vary depending on the pitch and the number of days. Typically, they start from €36.50 and continue to increase. Of course, the figure may be lower at different times of the year.

Here's the ultimate list of the best places for camping in the Dolomites region of northern Italy. It is an experience you don't want to miss

Safety Tips For Camping In The Dolomites

Camping in the Dolomites is relatively safe, especially when using the service of a good campsite. However, there are tips that you should always keep in mind. These safety pieces of advice will help you immensely when camping in the Dolomites and other places.

Assess The Area Well

The top thing to do when camping in the Dolomites is to assess the area properly before setting up your tent. First, you should look for potential animals in the region. You can do this by checking for footprints, sounds, and much more.

Besides that, keep in mind to never set up your camp under a tree with large branches. This is because such trees are home to various animals. They can easily drop a bark on your tent or other equipment during the night. This may lead to injury as well, which may ruin your trip.

Take Plenty Of Water

The Dolomites are packed with a variety of water sources such as valleys, rivers, lakes, and much more. However, not all of them are suitable for drinking. This is why you must take plenty of drinking water when going outside your camp.

Traveling the scenic areas in the Dolomites will keep you occupied during your trip. This will also cause you to get thirsty because of large distances. That is why a water bottle will come in handy when leaving the campsite. Keeping yourself hydrated is a must during physically engaging trips.

Always Take First Aid Equipment

No camping trip can be safe if you don’t have first aid equipment. You may have booked a campsite that gives you access to healthcare and on-site medical attention. However, remember that there may be a great distance between your campsite and the resort.

It is always best to learn how to give first aid in emergency cases and have the essential equipment. This is so that you don’t have to wait for a medic to reach your camping grounds. Moreover, this will also come in handy if you get lost during the trip or come across injured people.

Pack Adequately

The trickiest thing about camping in the Dolomites is packing the right clothing and stuff. Many people fail to understand that this region’s weather is unpredictable most of the time. This is they never prepare for different conditions and suffer from the consequences.

You should remember that the Dolomites frequently face rainstorms and thunderstorms. This is why your camping gear, including the tent, must be able to survive it. It is also advisable to pack some thermal clothing as the weather can get pretty chilly.

Keep A Physical Map

Currently, we are living in the digital era, which is why we are heavily reliant on our smart devices. For example, you may use Google maps to find your way when camping in the Dolomites. After all, it has an offline feature to help you at all times.

However, remember that mobile apps are not as effective for finding a way around mountainous regions. Besides that, you will be in trouble if you lose your phone or break the screen by dropping it. In such a case, your only savior would be a physical map.

Always take a map with you whenever leaving the campsite for sightseeing or hiking. Not only that but also learn how to navigate your way using a paper map. Otherwise, there would be no point in taking the map with you.

Here's the ultimate list of the best places for camping in the Dolomites region of northern Italy. It is an experience you don't want to miss

Can You Do Wild Camping In The Dolomites?

Wild camping is when you set up your tent or caravan outside of a campsite basically on any free land. Typically, you establish your camp in the wilderness or any ground you see fit for camping. You may do this on a multi-hike day by setting tents on the rest stops. However, remember that wild camping is not legal everywhere.

Wild camping in the Dolomites is illegal at all times except for the following two cases:

  • Your campsite cannot remain for more than 24 hours in regions where wild camping is allowed
  • You can perform wild camping on private property as long as the owner permits it

Make sure that if you do plan to do this, you bring all of the wild camping essentials!

Camping In The Dolomites: Wild Camping Vs. Campsite

The best option for you when camping in the Dolomites is to use a campsite. This is because they are safer and offers access to an extensive range of things. Not only that, but campsites are legal, and there are no time restrictions.

Meanwhile, if you still want to do wild camping, you must do it at your own risk. Typically, getting caught will cause you to pay a fine of €100 to €500. Besides that, you will have to take extra precautions and camp in less attractive regions.

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