The secret’s out that we’re going tiny, but that doesn’t mean that we are giving up our luxury! There is a show called Tiny Luxury, and that’s exactly what we plan to build. A tiny house that is full of luxury. I have always dreaming of designing my own home, and going tiny gave me the opportunity to choose EVERYTHING that I wanted in our tiny home design.

In order to decide what I truly wanted in our home, I started a pinterest board called “Dream Home.” To be honest, I had made this board long before ever thinking of going tiny! I had saved so many pictures of mansions and giant rooms, and obviously this isn’t the lifestyle I am trying to live now. However, one thing I realized about all of these photos that I had saved was that they all had things that I really loved in them— styles, furniture, designs. All of these things could also be incorporated into a tiny home!

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Sneak Peek: Our Tiny Home 3D Mockup from Movable Roots!

Living tiny is about choosing what matters most to you, and centering your life around those things. For Eric and I, extra space feels like a waste, but having a space to play board games with friends is incredibly important. Having multiple bathrooms is unnecessary for us, but having a separate bathtub is my definition of pure luxury. Eric loves building things which means that having a place to store his saws and tools is a must. These are the kind of things that we designed our house around. We made our a tiny home design our perfect tiny luxury house, and we don’t feel like we are compromising on anything that we truly love.

The following pictures are examples of things that I found on pinterest for inspiration that have been incorporated into our tiny home design.

Tiny Home Design: Build

Bedroom Height

tiny home design
Haven Mendocino: Everywhere Co.

We wanted a full height bedroom, so we decided to put our bedroom on the gooseneck of our trailer in order to give us more than enough room to stand up in our own private room.

A Place to Entertain

tiny home design
Clover: Modern Tiny Living

Eric and I wanted a place to entertain, but we also want a place to lounge and watch tv. So we found something that was the best of both worlds! We are incorporating a dinette into our tiny home that seats multiple people around a game table, but also allows for the table to move away to make it just a couch. Bonus features are incorporated too, but you’ll just have to follow the blog to see those 😉

Separate Bathtub and Shower

tiny home design

Like I said before, my version of luxury is a separate shower and bathtub, and guess what? We’re having one in our tiny home! I’m so excited to live in my tiny dream home.

A Space for the Doggo in Our Tiny Home Design

We wanted a space where Bear, our 9ish year old Chow rescue, could relax and hide away from the world. We found this unique solution that works for us and her!

A Pantry Designed for People Who Like Food

I saw this pantry and fell in love. We are incorporating this design into our tiny home in order to hide away our small appliances (Eric’s bread-maker and the microwave) and to also properly store all of our spices. I like to cook so we always have things like spices, bread crumbs, and oils on hand. This pantry design gave us a great way to store it all, and we will store plates and such in the lower cabinet drawers!

Tiny Home Design: Interior Design

I also used pinterest to choose colors. I highly recommend that you do too.

The Kitchen

Black lower cabinets, white sink, gold fixtures, white upper cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and butcher block countertops. The modern dream.

The Bathroom

tiny home design

Cute blue tiles to match the outside of our house. Tiny is cute. Tiny luxury is amazing.

Windows Everywhere

Teton Haven: Everywhere Co. Tiny Homes

Can you believe that this is a tiny home??? I couldn’t either. Click on the link above to find out more. Our windows won’t be this high, but I adore the idea of having so many windows in our tiny home design.

Washer and Dryer in our Tiny Home Design

tiny home design

We were told that ventless washer/dryer combos don’t dry your clothes well, and we are not about that. We asked our builder to incorporate side by side washer and dryer units, and they delivered! We may be living tiny, but we have all of the modern conveniences.

Thanks for reading our sneak peek!

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  1. Seriously I am obsessed with Tiny Homes and am thinking about getting one for myself! I have a Pinterest board that I love pinning tiny homes too and I am definitely pinning a few of your pics above. Loved this post 🙂

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