Tiny House Delivery

The day we had been waiting for had finally come! It was tiny home delivery day!!! As of Wednesday, Eric and I are officially tiny house owners! Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but I can’t think of better punctuation to mark how ecstatic I am about seeing my dreams turn into a reality— like, a reality that is really in front of me, not just a reality that is in the process of being built at the builder.

Let me tell you, preparing for this monster of a tiny home was no joke. We tried to prepare as much as we possibly could, but this was our first time taking on a DIY construction project, and we could only prepare so much. We bought as many materials as we could, and we thought we had a place to put our tiny home. However, we didn’t.

tiny house delivery
The fun has arrived

The Struggle

We were on the top of a waitlist for a tiny home community near us, but the timing didn’t work out so there was no spot available for when our delivery was scheduled. Because we are building out the inside ourselves, we needed the delivery to not be postponed so we started looking at other options.

Let me tell you, finding a place to build out a tiny home is DIFFICULT.

We couldn’t put it at our current rental because we didn’t own the property and there was an HOA that wouldn’t allow it. We didn’t have many friends in the city with land big enough for our semi-truck-sized tiny, so that wasn’t really an option. We looked at storage facilities, but they either wouldn’t let us build the interior while storing it or they were SKETCH-Y.

So we finally settling on using our amazing friend’s property that is about an hour from our house. It’s a drive, but it’s been so ideal and amazing for us. Shoutout to you Chris. Also, our friend climbed a tree in the middle of the night and chainsawed off a limb so that our tiny would fit. Don’t try that at home kids.

By the way, our builder was Movable Roots, and they truly did an amazing job. We have ZERO complaints, and that’s saying something considering we have now invested 5 days of DIY construction time into our home. We have found nothing to complain about. Our shell is truly built to perfection.

Tiny House Delivery Day

So now to the part that you have all been waiting for! THE MOMENT THE TINY HOME ARRIVED. See below our glorious, not-quite-HGTV-worthy shots of our tiny home’s arrival.

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tiny house delivery day
tiny home
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