The Neuschwanstein Castle is easily one of the most famous castles in the world due to its incredible beauty and fairytale-like architecture. The castle itself is so magical that even Disney decided to base the design of Sleeping Beauty’s castle on it. During the winter months, the Neuschwanstein Castle becomes a fairytale Christmas castle as snow covers the towers and the surrounding Bavarian mountains. It is one of the best times to visit the castle and feel the winter magic. While planning your trip, be sure to follow these tips for visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle in winter.

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What Is The Neuschwanstein Castle?

Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th-century castle built on a rugged hill. It is a historic palace with a unique design. Commissioned and designed as a retreat by the Bavarian King; King Ludwig II, the Neuschwanstein castle is a wonder to visit. The castle itself has a crazy history though that includes a crazy king, fairytale dreams, and a suspected murder!

This beautiful castle is near the village of Hohenschwangau Bavaria, Germany. The landscape will leave you in awe, and the photos you will take will be phenomenal. Standing at a height of 65 meters, the Neuschwanstein castle construction started in 1869 and was completed in 1886. Officially the gates of the castle opened in 1886. This fairytale castle is now open to visitors as a museum.

Front view of the Neuschwanstein castle in Winter

Why is Neuschwanstein Castle Famous?

Simply put, the Neuschwanstein Castle is famous for being one of the most beautiful castles in the world.

The castle was built in the 19th century when the castle wasn’t a necessary stronghold, and people were past that era. The castle was actually designed by King Ludwig II because he was obsessed with idea of fairy tales! Even though castles were no longer being built in this fashion, he spent as much money as possible (Ticking off his entire country) to build the castle of his dreams.

In other words, Neuschwanstein castle is known as the most romantic and famous attraction in Germany. It is sometimes called The Sleeping Beauty Castle because Disney based their design of Sleeping Beauty’s castle on the Neuschwanstein.

The interior of the castle is marvelous. Due to the modern design and architecture, everything is still standing strong. The high ceiling rooms of the castle and golden interior with art all around the place make it look spectacular.

The unique art and colorful interior make the Neuschwanstein Castle different from other castles. It is a great creation of King Ludwig II that is still serving his people today even if it wasn’t appreciated at the time it was built.

Looking to travel to the Neuschwanstein castle and confused about how to? Don’t worry, and we will help you out with that.

aerial view of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Winter

How To Travel To Neuschwanstein Castle?

Traveling to Neuschwanstein castle is a great experience itself as the train takes you through the beautiful Bavarian countryside. The best way to reach the Neuschwanstein castle is by train from Munich. However, since the castle is located in a tiny village, you would need to catch the train from Munich to Füssen which is the closest train stop to the castle.

The train can only take you to the town of Füssen and to reach the castle you would need to take a 10-minute bus ride to the tiny village at the base of the hill that the castle is on. The train ride is only about 2 hours from Munich.

This would be a great day trip during winter to go on with your friends or family or you could spend a night in the nearby village.

How Much Would It Cost To Travel To Neuschwanstein Castle?

Keep in mind that you can only get tickets from the official website of the Neuschwanstein castle and the next-door castle: Hohenschwangau castle. The tickets are also available at the ticket center on the premises but for limited capacity. Therefore, it would be convenient to get the ticket online ahead of time to save time and ensure that you get a ticket. It is also important to note that you can only visit the inside of the castle with a guided tour.


  • Children: 2.5 Euros
  • Adults: 17.5 Euros

Weather and Temperature at Neuschwanstein Castle throughout the Year

Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle during winter is amazing and one of the best times of year to experience the magic of the castle. The snowfall in the Bavarian Alps turns the castle into a winter dream.

It is important to be aware of the average temperature you may experience if you visit during winter. For example, in December, the average temperature is 23-38 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 to 3 degrees Celcius). Therefore, make sure to dress WARM and plan for the cold weather when packing for your trip to this part of Germany.

What To Pack For Neuschwanstein Castle?

Before leaving for your trip, there are many things that you need to pack in order to stay warm in the German winter. If you happen to forget any of these items though, it’s no big deal as there are amazing shopping opportunities in Munich.

Make sure to bring these items with you when visiting the Neuschwanstein

  • Heavy winter coat
  • Gloves
  • Earmuffs
  • Scarf
  • Waterproof boots
  • Wool Socks
  • Merino wool undershirts
  • Camera

You may be thinking, why all these items? We mentioned all these items because the extreme temperature and snowfall might make it difficult for you to stay and enjoy the trip. Therefore, the temperature won’t affect you as much when you are covered and warmed up, and you can peacefully enjoy yourself.

Different Christmas Markets To Visit

As we mentioned earlier, the Neuschwanstein Castle is not the only place to visit during your trip. The nearby town and area are filled with various options to make your trip memorable.

As you know, the train stops in Fussen which happens to have a wonderful Christmas Market if you come during the right time. You can enjoy some time there until the bus leaves for the castle.

However, keep in mind that the Christmas markets in Fussen are only held during the first two weeks of December. Twinkling lights, crafts, arts, fragrances, and delicious delicacies are the top items in this market. Visit the Christmas market to experience their culture. The Christmas market in Fussen is held in the courtyard of St Mang Monastery. The market is heavily decorated, and the Christmas spirit in the air is all you need during your trip.

Sunset view of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Winter

Activities To Do In Fussen

Besides the Christmas market, Fussen is a great town to stop by and spend some quality time with your friends and family. By train, you are already going to stop at Fussen so it is easy to add to your day trip itinerary to the castle. Fussen is a great town to visit and has a lot of fun activities to enjoy.

The winter hikes are one of the most popular activities to do in Fussen. You can find various signs posted on hike trails and start from anywhere. From short to long hikes, there are various tours to experience. Just make sure that you have researched the hikes beforehand and are aware of the difficulty. Winter hiking is no joke and you need to be aware of the difficulty and safety of each hike.

Also, nearby there are Lake Hopfensee and Lake Bannwaldsee which are beautiful lakes where you can observe around 150 wild deer feeding and enjoying their life. If you like wildlife photography, it is a spot you want to be. 

Why is Neuschwanstein Castle Less Crowded in Winters than Summer?

This is an interesting question. Around 1.4 million people visit Neuschwanstein Castle every year. Out of these 1.4 million, most people visit Neuschwanstein Castle during the summers.

Want to know why? During winters, the temperature at Neuschwanstein Castle is very cold, and not everyone can survive in the temperature. Most tourists who come from warmer countries are not used to the temperature that they may experience at the Neuschwanstein Castle.

During winter, the entire landscape changes. The snow makes every beautiful, and it is just a different experience. However, during summer, you may get to see more greenery. The Neuschwanstein is so amazing that it is worth visiting in multiple seasons to get the full experience.

Winter Photography at The Neuschwanstein Castle

Oh boy, you will get some killer shots here at the Neuschwanstein Castle. The castle, landscape, weather, and snowfall make it a perfect place to take countless beautiful photos for both your memories and Instagram.

In addition, if you are a photographer and love taking shots of historical places, you are in the right place. The exterior of the Neuschwanstein Castle is the best one you will get. The castle’s white walls and snow all around would make a great combination.

It is important to note that drones are not allowed in the area as the area is a “No drone” zone due to protected wildlife species. Likewise, there is no “indoor” photography allowed in the Neuschwanstein. However, you can take as many photos as you would like on the outside of the castle with your phone or camera.

How Long Should We Stay At Neuschwanstein Castle in Winter?

If you only want to visit Neuschwanstein Castle (and the Hohenschwangau castle) then a day trip would be enough to see everything and have fun. However, if you are also looking to visit Fussen or do some of the hiking trails around the Neuschwanstein, then it is better to book a few days or a weekend trip so that you really have time to experience everything the area has to offer.

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Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle in winter is a truly magical experience that you as this fairy-tale castle comes to life in the snow. This castle is the perfect day trip from Munich and the ultimate bucket list experience in Germany.
Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle in winter is a truly magical experience that you as this fairy-tale castle comes to life in the snow. This castle is the perfect day trip from Munich and the ultimate bucket list experience in Germany.
Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle in winter is a truly magical experience that you as this fairy-tale castle comes to life in the snow. This castle is the perfect day trip from Munich and the ultimate bucket list experience in Germany.
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