Social-distancing and isolation have made some of us feel crushed under the weight of captivity. We spend most of the day stuck inside, and we just want to escape now more than ever. However, we are so incredibly lucky to have the world at our fingertips. The internet changes everything, and now, you can travel anywhere, for free, at anytime. Talk about freedom! This post is to help you learn how you can travel the world from your own bed.

We have all seen posts on social media about different companies providing online services, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start looking. Don’t worry though! I did the research for you! Below you will find a curated list of awesome virtual tours, live cams, and other amazing things like This Aesthetically Appealing “Paintings in Order of Color” Collection

Go through them at your own pace and enjoy your adventure.

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Nature and National Parks

how to travel the world from your own bed

First-off, we have the nature section! Nature is the one thing that I find most calming in the world. If you are stressed out and sick of playing video games or watching TV, try these nature and national park tours on for size or try these Virtual Dives.

City Tours

Spending time exploring the big cities is an essential part of traveling. It’s not just the backroads and mountaintops, it’s the city lights and street signs. Well now you can visit these major cities too with virtual tours like this 360 Helicopter Tour of NYC.

how to travel the world from your own bed

Art and History Exhibits

Are you a big fan of art and history? Well these exhibits are for you. I only linked a few of them, but honestly there are THOUSANDS of options online. If you really want to know how to travel the world from your own bed, the truth is, Google it. By Googling Smithsonian Online Tours or the Lourve Online tours or even just Art Exhibit Online Tours, you will find everything you could want and more. Below are a few really cool ones that I found that I hope you enjoy!

Animal Cams

Let’s be honest, out of all the links that I have provided, these will be the most clicked on. Everyone loves animals, and they will love them even more from the comfort of their own bed. No smell, no danger, just fluff-balls of love that you get to creep on. Below are a couple of collective websites with multiple animal cameras set up. HIGHLY recommend spending your entire quarantine with these open.

Historical Landmarks

Do you wish that you could see the Taj Mahal? Did you have a vacation planned to Versailles? Well have no fear, the internet is here! Did you know that Google Arts has an entire website dedicated to Historical Monument Virtual tours? These tours will let you walk through almost every famous landmark that you could think of. Below are a few links, when you click on the Google links, you will be able to navigate back to the base site for more options.

how to travel the world from your own bed

Also, I totally saved the best for last. Did you know that you can access a NASA SPACE CAMERA??? I didn’t until now! I couldn’t even travel to space if I wasn’t quarantined! I could spend all day watching Earth float by. Now that is how to travel the world from your own bed.

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