There is a disconnect between people who want to travel and people who actually take the leap and pursue their dreams. Everyone in the world has dreams and ambitions and things they want to accomplish, but not everyone who is able to, pursues them. I’ve spent a long time thinking about the things that limit people from traveling: money, time, people to go with, fear. While thinking about these things, I have also been contemplating what I personally can do to help people scale those barriers. 

I can write about how to save money for travel, but that is still an element of privilege that will only ever apply to some people. I run my Cheap Flight Deals group on Facebook to attempt to make air travel accessible to people with smaller budgets. I write this blog to inspire people to go to new places and see new things. But it just didn’t feel like “enough” for me. 

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The Craziest Adventure I’ve Ever Experienced

I’ve been wanting to expand this business and really open up the accessibility of travel to people who didn’t see it as a possibility for themselves. One group of people that I feel is underrepresented in travel is the woman who doesn’t want to travel solo. You can find guides all over the internet talking about how to “solo travel” as a female, and that is a wonderful thing that I highly recommend to any woman. However, not EVERY woman has a desire to travel solo. Likewise, not every woman who desires to travel has someone to travel with.

Finding a good travel partner can be essential to having a great trip, but at times it can feel impossible. I created Adventuring With Shannon’s Tours to fill that gap. My tours are designed with the solo female in mind. The women who don’t have anyone else to travel with but aren’t ready to travel solo or don’t have the desire to. The trips are designed for great women to see and experience amazing things without the stress of planning or the fear of traveling solo.

Horseback Riding on Black Sand Beaches in Iceland

By running group tours, I am able to share my knowledge and travel expertise with others while providing them with an amazing trip in a group setting. My group tours are designed to build confidence in women that will allow them to continue traveling in the future. The goal has always been to inspire people to pursue their dreams, and this is one way that I can open the door for others to pursue their dreams.

My motto for this site is “Passionately Pursuing Adventure” because that is the way that I believe life is supposed to be lived. Pursuing your dreams and adventures with passion and excitement. In doing this, your dreams begin to come true because you pursue them with all of your being. 

The Types of Trips I Want to Run

My first group tour will be to Spain because who doesn’t want to visit Spain? I studied abroad in Spain for a summer and am very familiar with the country and speak the language. I chose Spain because it is close to my heart and a beautiful country full of unique experiences. I see a lot of group tours out there that are really “bare bones” style. They offer you accommodations, transport, and the occasional meal, but then leave you on your own to experience the culture or find the hidden sites. I don’t want my tours to look like that. 

My tours are designed to offer substance. I want my adventurers to feel like they have really experienced a culture and a place. In order to do this, I have booked multiple incredible tours that include everything from cooking classes of local cuisine to castle tours. These tours are an included part of the price because I want to be upfront about tour costs from the beginning so people can properly budget and not have to plan for a million extra costs.

In order to build confidence and travel, there needs to be some element of practice. My tours are designed so that there are group adventures and free-time planned into each day. Nobody travels in the exact same way so free time is an essential part of a successful trip. During this time people can go back to the cute cafe they saw in the morning, stroll down pretty streets, explore an art museum, go shopping, or continue hanging out with me around the city if they aren’t in the mood to explore alone. This free time allows people the time to rest, go off with a smaller group, or stick to a more structured tour with me. In doing this, each traveler is given an element of control over their own personal trip and gain confidence in themselves and their travel abilities while exploring a beautiful city.

I’m so excited to be able to expand my business in this way and aid others in making their dreams a reality.

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    1. I’m really passionate about travel! I hope that these trips can help others to access travel as well.

  1. Such an inspiring post! I love this idea as female traveler hesitant to do a solo trip. I will for sure look more into your group travels 🙂

  2. I think that this is lovely, Shannon. It’s definitely a dream of mine as well, so it is exciting to see other folks stepping out after their dreams. Wishing you the best of luck!

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