Together, we’ve done a lot. Today our first anniversary, and this is a summary of our year of adventuring.

On June 23rd, 2018, I married my best friend

We went to the places we could only dream about

Hobbiton, New Zealand

We hiked for hours to crazy heights

Roy’s Peak, New Zealand

And celebrated life’s luxuries

Onsen Pools, New Zealand

We slept under the stars

International Dark Sky Reserve, New Zealand

And seen the hustle of cities during the day

London, United Kingdom

We added a new member to our adventure squad


And we brought her with us to explore

Providence Canyon, Georgia

We’ve celebrated wins and stood together through losses

UCF, Go Knights, Charge on!

And we’ve spent times in peace

Venice, Italy

We’ve seen the most incredible places

Dolomites, Italy

And experienced the magic of it all

Harry Potter World, Universal, Orlando, Florida

We’ve sang


We’ve eaten more than we should

Authentic Korean Barbeque, Cheongju, South Korea

But we’ve had the most incredible adventures

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

And we’ve made new memories in our favorite places

Cuenca, Ecuador

But the best part is that we have so many more adventures left.

Happy One Year Anniversary to my favorite adventure buddy.

Cheers to surviving.

Here’s to continuing thriving.


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